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Critical Education Theory


Critical Education Theory evolves from the wider discipline of Critical (Social) Theory, and looks at the ways in which political ideology shapes Education as a way of maintaining existing regimes of privilege and social control. It casts a critical eye upon the history, the development and practice of education and educational theorising. It holds that education in the modern western world is shaped by the ideologies and power structures that devolve from Capitalism, and that it’s purpose is to reproduce these conditions in ways which benefit the already-powerful. Instead, Critical Education Theory promotes an ideology of education as an instrument of social transformation and as a means of attaining social, cultural, and economic equity. Initially, it did this from an orthodox (economic) Marxist point of view, but increasingly has adopted many of the tenets and theories of Cultural Studies to demonstrate how cultural codes play a fundamental part in both curriculum construction and classroom practice.

The field covers a wide range of Educational issues - the Curriculum, the pedagogy or teaching style, the role of the State, the influence of corporate power, the so-called Hidden Curriculum, issues of Cultural and Individual Identity etc. In the list of aerticles offered below you will be able to find these issues and many others interrogated in detail.


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