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Monday, 06 May 2013 13:00

Organic Explorer: Introduction.

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Image courtesy Greenpeace

In September 2011 the 3rd edicion of Organic Explorer - New Zealand's first and foremost ecotourism guidebooks comes out. It's different from any other tourism guidebook you have ever seen. Unlike others of the genre, it doesn't ignore or gloss over the increasingly sombre environmental realities of this beautiful country we live in. Instead, it takes a critical look at the rivers, lakes, beaches, forests and wildlife that are so important to our $18.6 billion tourism industry. The book asks how New Zealand tourism is coping in the face of 'dirty" farming practices, mining, logging and oil exploration, and what needs to be done to preserve and heal the uniqueness that visitors pay thousands of dollars every year to come and witness. It takes a critical look at Government policy and practice, and strips away the veil of green-speak and PR lies about our Pure New Zealand image. It's a great critical analysis of New Zealand's primary industry that at the government level puts image before substance, short-term profits above long-term sustainability.

The Introduction sets out an overview of the book with stark statistics about the corporate and governmental lies. It catalogues how New Zealand has:

  • increased its greenhouse gas emissions by 22% since signing the Kyoto Protocol in 2005. The protocol binds countries to a 5% average reduction on their 1990 levels over 5 years.
  • an emissions total 60% higher than britain per head of population
  • the 12th highest enmissions in the world per head of population
  • the 9th highest rating of household waste
  • the 11th highest energy consumption among the 20 OECD countries
  • the 6th highest ecological footprtint in the world
  • the 8th bhighest car ownership rate in the world
  • one of the work public transport systems in the world

and to cap it off, there are more than 8,000 undocumaneted toxic waste dumps through out the country posing a serious threat to health and safety. The Introduction confronts the contradictions and holds the government's feet to the fire about its ideological pursuit of the (un)free market.

To download the PDF CLICK HERE.


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